Turning Your Business Challenges into Problem Statements for Innovation
March 23 | 12-1 pm EST

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Having worked with over 40 different corporate innovation groups in a variety of industries, our clients often come to us with a similar question: “where do we focus our efforts to show the value we can deliver through new business innovation?” While there’s never one perfect place to start innovating from, during this interactive workshop we will give you the tools to take the business challenges your organization is facing and reframe them into problem statements you can turn into innovation opportunities.

Examples of business challenges we typically hear include:

  • We have this asset we think is valuable, but we don’t know how to monetize it
  • We’re losing market share in our core business & know we need to bring new users in through new doors, but we don’t know how 
  • We want to diversify our revenue streams due to market risks, but don’t know where to start

This virtual workshop will help you tackle big ambiguous business challenges like these, and turn them into problem statements that you can build an innovation platform around and use to drive immense value for your organization.

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About the Facilitator 

Paige Halam-Andres VP Venture Strategy, Research Highline Beta (6)

Paige Halam-Andres

Managing Director, Innovation
Highline Beta

As Managing Director of Innovation, Paige leads the innovation consulting practice within Highline Beta’s hybrid corporate venture studio & VC firm. She works with corporate partners to identify and build new businesses both inside and outside of their organization to unlock new opportunities for growth. 

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