How to Build
Innovations That Matter with User Research

June 15 | 1-2 pm EST

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Who are you building for? What problem are you really solving? Most importantly, is the problem painful enough that users are willing to pay for a solution to solve it? 

As corporate innovators, whether we are in a business strategy or innovation role, we can sometimes let our excitement about building a new solution overpower the need to build what people actually need. To overcome this, Highline Beta has coached and helped numerous teams use user research to truly understand their users’ problems and design for their needs. 

Join Managing Director Paige Halam-Andres for a virtual workshop on June 15th from 1-2pm EST where she will show you first-hand through an interactive session how to conduct, analyze and get to key insights from user research to help you build innovations that matter to your end user. 

In this workshop, you will learn how to how conduct, analyze and gather key insights from user research to find problems that are worth solving for your next innovation project, initiative or venture and increase user adoption and success.
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About the Facilitator 

Paige Halam-Andres VP Venture Strategy, Research Highline Beta (6)

Paige Halam-Andres

Managing Director, Innovation
Highline Beta

As Managing Director of Innovation, Paige leads the innovation consulting practice within Highline Beta’s hybrid corporate venture studio & VC firm. She works with corporate partners to identify and build new businesses both inside and outside of their organization to unlock new opportunities for growth. 

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