Measure & Elevate the Health of Your Innovation System
April 20 | 1-2 pm EST

Measure & Elevate the Health of Your Innovation System

Big companies often end up spending more time building “an innovation process” than doing the actual hard work of innovating for users and customers. As leaders within our organizations we tend to easily dial in on processes, checklists and outputs to build and measure our innovation systems.

The questions then become: Does this truly add value back to our organizations? What are the outcomes versus outputs? Are we using frameworks and methodologies as rulebooks that can’t be broken instead of guides to support our innovation system? How are we truly showing value? 

This virtual workshop will challenge you to measure and elevate the health of your innovation system and show you how to demonstrate more value from your innovation initiatives back to your organization.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:  
  • Reframe your thinking & see the value in having a flexible innovation system

  • Use methodologies and frameworks as a guide, not a rulebook

  • Build an innovation measurement framework that
    demonstrates value back to your organization  

  • Have a clear understanding of the key questions you need to ask yourself to assess and elevate the health of your innovation system 
Measure & Elevate the Health of Your Innovation System

About the Facilitators 

Paige Halam-Andres VP Venture Strategy, Research Highline Beta (6)

Paige Halam-Andres

Managing Director, Innovation
Highline Beta

As Managing Director of Innovation, Paige leads the innovation consulting practice within Highline Beta’s hybrid corporate venture studio & VC firm. She works with corporate partners to identify and build new businesses both inside and outside of their organization to unlock new opportunities for growth. 

Ben Yoskovitz Headshot-1

Ben Yoskovitz

Founding Partner, Highline Beta

Ben Yoskovitz is an entrepreneur, investor, product expert, and author. He is also the co-author of Lean Analytics: Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster, published by O’Reilly and translated into multiple languages.

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